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Checchi and Maggli - Transplanters

Checchi and Maggli - Transplanters

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Product Information:


• Versatile range of Transplanters
• 3-point mounted
• Leading edge technology
• Gripper or distributor cup type planting
• Handles most types of seedlings
• From 2000 to 4500 plants per/hour per operator

The range of transplanters can be divided into two categories, namely, the rotary distributor cup type planter (Bany Compact) and the semi-automatic gripper type planter (Foxdrive Plus and Unifox). The transplanters have specially been designed to handle field seedlings that have been rooted in the greenhouse. These would include conical or pyramid shaped roots, bulbs and seeds, plants, bare or balled roots, but to name a few. The versatile range of transplanters allow for planting rates per row from 2000 to 2500 plants per/hour per operator.

The Foxdrive Plus and Unifox semi-automatic gripper type planter is mounted to the tractor"s 3-point linkage and has specifically been designed for transplanting vegetables, flowers, nursery and tobacco seedlings with bare or peat balled roots, with a conical, pyramidal or cubical shape. Model sizes range from 1 to 5 rows on either a single or tandem toolbar. Due to leading edge technology and product reliability, the transplanter with its ground wheel drive can guarantee a uniform transplanting depth, a perfect upright positioning of the seedling, and constant spacing between rows and plants. The row spacing can be adjusted from 500mm to 900mm and the plant spacing from 270mm to 800mm with the standard gripper fitted. (Optional gripper spacing: 180 - 530mm and 130 - 400mm) To reduce valuable transplanting time one row unit can plant between 2000 to 2500 plants per/hour per operator making it the most cost effective way of planting seedlings of various shapes and sizes. A range of optional equipment like row markers, watering device with 300 liter tank, extra tray holders and seats can be fitted as a standard.

The Baby Compact rotary cup transplanter is specifically designed for root balled seedlings, making use of a rotational tray feeding system. Inter-row spacing of 28 to 45cm with interplant spacing of 14 to 50cm can be calibrated. The independent floating parallelogram transplanting units can achieve production of 3000 - 4500 plants per row per hour.

Granular fertilizer units are optionally available.

Product Photos:

Transplanters Checchi and Maggli - TransplantersChecchi and Maggli - TransplantersChecchi and Maggli - TransplantersChecchi and Maggli - TransplantersChecchi and Maggli - TransplantersChecchi and Maggli - TransplantersChecchi and Maggli - TransplantersChecchi and Maggli - TransplantersChecchi and Maggli - Transplanters

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